What is a Smart School? What are its Benefits?

What is a Smart School? What are its Benefits?
School days are the best part in a person’s life where they learn new things, meet new friends and get good guidance from teachers. In fact, this is the place where the character of a student gets shaped.
So what is so much different for a smart school?
Unlike the conventional school life, the smart school concept makes use of advanced technology and equipment in classrooms to give students a better learning experience. Teaching has moved to a really advanced level where the one sided lecture methods no more exists and students are having a more interactive learning experience. A basic smart classroom uses gadgets such as laptops, teaching screens and projectors to add a visual effect to learning.
Let us have a look at the key benefits of a smart classroom:-
Easy access to online information:
As a smart class incorporates various gadgets with internet connection such as mobiles, tabs and laptops, students can easily access online information. Data regarding any of their subjects are available at their fingertips. Both teachers and students can have access to online resources to learn more about the subject rather than just what is in the syllabus to get a better understanding of the lessons.
Digital medium for note taking: Students can save a lot of their learning time by making use of the digital medium for note taking. They don’t need to carry heavy text books and note books to school but just their tab and digital pen.
Finally, it is considered that smart schools instead of traditional schools are a new places to get a lot of facilities which help that education in all of its fields.
By: Edsys