Royal Intelligence Academy

Advantages and features .. Why do we need Doha Academy?

⦁ The school is unique, combining all the advantages of advanced education systems in the world, and no one has designed such a school.
⦁ The school is smart and digital, that is, it uses all modern digital techniques and harnesses it in raising the efficiency and performance of the school to the maximum.
⦁ The school is accredited by the United States of America (NEASC) and other international and local accreditations.
⦁ The system of communication within the school and between the school and parents and society in modern ways and with unprecedented systems make the performance of the school at the highest level.
⦁ The school is universal, combining the advantages and advantages of the whole world with a microcosm in an educational system designed to prepare the world’s leaders, while not neglecting the required alignment.
⦁ High profit in the field of schools, which amounts to about 15-25% of the capital.