3 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom.

Although many technology-based teaching methods and resources effectively engage students and build their skills, many educators encounter difficulties when using technology in the classroom.
Now, you can take a look on these methods which can facilitate using technology in classroom:-

  1. Run a Virtual Field Trip. If a location is out of reach due to logistical issues, you can simulate a virtual trip by buying a Google Cardboard for less than $15. There are apps you can use to explore famous buildings, such as the Empire State Building, and natural phenomena, such as the Great Barrier Reef.
  2. Preview Field Trips Virtually. Similarly, you can use Google Earth to explore locations before actually visiting them. Let’s say your class is set to go to the Zoo. Find the location, traveling through it using Street View to see which exhibits pique the most student interest. You can quickly discuss what they’re looking forward to, boosting excitement levels for the trip.
  3. Quiet a Noisy Classroom. To make it easier to give lessons and presentations, use a tool that tracks and displays classroom noise. For example, Too Noisy is an accurate noise meter. You’ll likely find that — without having to tell them — students will become quiet when the meter spikes.
    These are some of methods which can help teachers to use technology in the classroom.
    By: Marcus Guido.

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